Ambient, melancholic, folk inspired..

Live dawless jam. Recorded on January 2018. Based on Novation Circuit – drum, pads, also a tad of Korg Electribe 2s – almost kanklės-like plucking, and the arp is provided by Waldorf Blofeld; some filter sweeps on Kaoss Pad Mini. Video shot the next day, on 4 January 2018, handheld, with Panasonic Lumix G7.

Late winter – in Vilnius these years it is mostly snow-less, dark, but calm. Video is shot in one take, as not to disturb the continuum of the time and the serenity and the sacrality of the location – Šventaragio (legendary lithuanian duke) slėnis (valey) is the place. Where the ancient pagan temple stood, and where the ceremonies took place.

The moss, the bark, the earth, the rain, dense clouds, evening.

‘Mėnulis’ is lithuanian for Moon. In this context, it is meant more in as sense of ‘month’, and the ancient time tracking based on the movement of heavenly bodies.


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