Fog Bells

This track was born while I was twiddling with the Berhinger Neutron. Got a nice semi-random pitched-percussive loop (the Bell), and then the bass and beat came. Got a meditative, serene piece.

Then, the other day (actually, it was a night) I was driving back to Vilnius from the seaside. Got extremely tired. Pulled over to some gas station for a quick nap and ended sleeping almost 2 hours. The sun was already up. Later, I found out that this gas station was only something-teen kilometers away from Vilnius. Well. But this let me snap one of the most beautiful shots I have ever taken – a morning sun above a cloudy, foggy valley. This was the fog. Above the skyline, a prominent Vilnius TV tower provided a visual bell (it is not on the cover photo, though, but it’s there, beyond the left edge of the photo).

So that comprises the Fog Bells. Take a listen on Spotify or bandcamp:

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