Hard hitting Metallvogel shining blazing through the woods

Metallvogel was created on Deluge as an interpretation of hard-hitting german style (as I feel it) EBM. Drums came out rather thick and creamy. Main element is the synthetic bird scream – hence, Metallvogel. It’s loop is not 4, nor 8 nor 16 bar, I think it’s 6 bars, so it comes out of the woods (of metal factory chimneys) not as periodically as one might expect.

The artwork was inspired by thoughts of german WW2 era superweapons, mainly, the wing-shaped airplanes and maybe some other jet propelled technology. Expected it to be found lurking secretly somewhere in the woods.

The overall experience came out a bit dark and ominous, but also intense and energetic. Tested it driving on the outskirts of Vilnius on full volume, and it serves this purpose well!

You can hear it on bandcamp: https://rundabund.bandcamp.com/track/metallvogel or Spotify.

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