machine-precision EP release

It’s been almost a year since I began to delve into Kraftwerk-inspired technological-industrial view of music. The sentimentality of the mechanic life of the machines, processes and technologies. The esthetics of accuracy and precision, repeated motion, efficiency, clearness and clarity, as well as power and stability. Four pieces done in hardware: Korg Electribe 2S, Novation […]


a journey through time.. I was traveling a lot, north to Vilnius during past few weeks, listening to some psychedelic, indie, alternative, electronic rock, gathering impressions, filling holes in my head, reconnecting with what’s long lost, discovering new. This is somewha reflected in this live jam.. A first video featuring my backside 😀 Live dawless […]


waiting.. a tepid feeling.. a live dawless jam, recorded on Sunday, 1st of July, 2018. The complete, uncut version of the live jam. Novation Circuit Korg Electribe 2S Korg MINI-KP Waldorf Blofeld


A single box improvisation on one pattern. Capturing the chill yet somewhat tired mood of a day in June. Kaosspad for extra mangling.


Breathing. For the first time this year. It’s spring. Created on the spot, to capture the mood and the inspiration of the location (Kalnų park, Vilnius) and the warmth of the evening. You can hear bird voices in the beginning and at the end of the video – a dense, moist, elemental cry of rebirthing […]

My Gentle Thoughts

Late in the night, a lonely distant object spins and shimmers deep in the vastness of unexplored space. My gentle thoughts are there, floating around it. Far away from the daily harshness our realm. Peacefully unfolds and meanders in space.. The video is the best I could intercept from the deep space. Noisy, full of […]


Ambient, melancholic, folk inspired.. Live dawless jam. Recorded on January 2018. Based on Novation Circuit – drum, pads, also a tad of Korg Electribe 2s – almost kanklės-like plucking, and the arp is provided by Waldorf Blofeld; some filter sweeps on Kaoss Pad Mini. Video shot the next day, on 4 January 2018, handheld, with […]